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Grape Hyacinth

26 Mar 2020 1:00 AM | Brenda Peshak

Grape Hyacinth | Demonstration Garden

The Grape Hyacinth (Muscari armeniacum) is a compact perennial with royal blue to purple bell-shaped flowers that bloom in mid-spring.  It’s fine textured leaves and masses of purple flower spikes do well in group plantings. The fine texture offers good contrast larger leafed foliage and different colored bulbs which also bloom early spring.

Facts about the Grape Hyacinth:

Grape Hyacinth FACTS
Scientific Name : Muscari armeniacum
Bloom Time,Color blooms in mid-spring, Royal blue with thin white rim
Type or Average Life Span:  Perennial, Up to 5 years
Height:  8 ” at flowering
Width/Spread:  4″

Good things to know about the Muscari armeniacum :

Native to Southeastern Europe to Caucasus Muscari armeniacum grows best in full sun to part shade, remaining compact with an upright flowering aspect.  It prefers consistent soil moisture, but does not tolerate wet ground. The plant spreads through multiplication of underground bulbs, and is hardy to zones 4-8.

You will find Grape Hyacinth in the Purple Passion Bed at Demonstration Garden.

Grape Hyacinth can be found early spring in the “Purple Passion Bed” near the bubbler fountain at Demonstration Garden. Easy to grow and maintain, the plant propagates slowly through bulb naturalization. The plant is dormant from late spring to autumn when the leaves again appear. They are best used for edging beds, in rock gardens, and naturalized drifts and offer a pop of color in the early spring.

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