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Queen of the Prairie Filipendula rubra

14 Jul 2019 1:00 AM | Brenda Peshak

Queen of the Prairie | Demonstration Garden

The Queen of the Prairie, Filipendula rubra, is a herbaceous perennial that grows well in medium to wet soil, in full sun to partial shade.  Growing tall and upright, it has fragrant leaves and pale pink flowers, and is insect and disease resistant.

Facts about Queen of the Prairie:

Queen of the Prairie FACTS
Scientific Name : Filipendula rubra
Variety, cultivar, or trademark name  Queen of the Prairie
Bloom Time? Color?: Pink blooms from June to August
Type or Average Life Span:  herbaceous perennial
Height:  4 to 8 feet
Width/Spread:  3 to 4 feet

Good things to know about Queen of the Prairie :

Queen of the Prairie, is a native to North America and is hardy from US Zones 3 to 8.  A tall and wide pink-flowered perennial, it is tolerant of poor soil and all levels of sunlight.  Its leaves and flowers are decorative, and the plants attracts beneficial insects throughout the summer.

You will find Queen of the Prairie in the Woodland Path at Demonstration Garden.

Queen of the Prairie is a tall large plant, and can create impressive borders and features in native plant gardens.  It is tolerant of poor soils, provides a food source for pollinators, and is a good choice for naturalized areas, wet meadows, or cottage gardens.

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