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Mr. Bowling Ball ™ Arborvitae

29 May 2019 1:00 AM | Brenda Peshak

Mr. Bowling Ball ™ Arborvitae | Plant Catalog Demo garden

American Arborvitae is the common name for Thuja occidentailis. Mr. Bowling Ball ™ Arborvitae is a white cedar. The ‘bobozam’ cultivar grows globular and is most often sold under trademark name Mr. Bowling Ball. It rarely requires pruning which makes it ideal for tidy home landscape beds. Getting only up to 3 feet high and wide, it is an excellent choice for a dwarf conifer that will stay low to the ground and compact. It can also be used as a shrub border or to compliment a rock garden as well.

Facts about Mr. Bowling Ball ™ Arborvitae:

Scientific Name : Thuja occidentailis
Trademark name Mr. Bowling Ball™
Cultivar Bobozam
Unique Qualities Fragrant, Compact Ball Shape
Color: Rich Green
Height:  2-3′
Width/Spread:  2-3′

Good things to know about Thuja occidentailis ‘bobozam’ :

This dwarf conifer is low maintinance in well drained soil.  Mr. Bowing Ball™ requires full sun to part shade with regular medium watering.  Thrives in a variety of soils including clay and pH from Alkaline to Neutral. This cultivar is quite pest and disease resistant but fungal leaf blight or canker is a possibility.

Mr. Bowling Ball ™ Arborvitae can be found in the North Conifer Bed at demonstration Garden.

You will find Mr. Bowling Ball™ in the North Conifer Bed at Demonstration Garden. The distinctly round shape makes it easy to find and identify. It is native to North America. You can use our Conifer Index Page to locate more of the conifers at Demo Garden.

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