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Bearded Iris at Demonstration Garden

27 May 2019 1:00 AM | Brenda Peshak

White Bearded Iris

You will find several varieties of Bearded Iris at Demonstration Garden. Most of them are located in the Bulb Bed but can also be found in several other locations. The scientific name for the Bearded Iris is Iris germanic. There are basically three main parts referred to in the petals of the flower. The falls are the petals pointing downward. The standard are the petals pointing upward. And the beard is the fuzzy “beard like” area on the base of the petal.

Bearded Iris Purple

Bearded Iris Purple

When selecting Irises, and any other bulb, the larger the better. Nice large bulb will ensure immediate success and blooms. Plant in sunny to part shade conditions and provide moisture regularly until well established. Once established they are drought resistant. Plant with rhizomes at the surface somewhat exposed and roots pointing down.

Irises begin to bloom in May and make an excellent cut flower. If your Irises stop blooming it most likely means they need divided. They should be divided about every 3-5 years. Iris borer and bacterial soft rot are the most common problems which occur with irises.

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Bearded Iris 'Batik' . Royal purple color with white stripes and yellow inside. 

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