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Dwarf Himalayan Pine

19 Apr 2019 1:00 AM | Brenda Peshak

Dwarf Himalayan Pine The Dwarf Himalayan Pine adds a soft texture to any landscape.

The Dwarf Himalayan Pine is a dwarf conifer which adds interest and texture to any landscape. It has a soft looking foliage adding variety and depth to any garden. Used in small areas, it is especially effective when paired with complimenting shrubs.

Facts about the Dwarf Himalayan Pine:

Scientific Name : Pinus wallichiana
Cultivar:  Nana
Foliage Color: Blue-green or Blue-gray
Height:  8-10′
Width/Spread:  5-7′

Good things to know about Dwarf Himalayan Pine:

Dwarf Himalayan Pine have a winter hardiness of zone 5. They are appropriate for planting in Iowa. Although this is a dwarf variety, they can still grow up to 10′ and beyond when fully mature; which is small compared to its full size counterpart.  Keep this in mind when planning your landscape. The sun requirement is full to partial. They should not be planted where drainage is poor. They prefer moist but well drained soil. This pine offers a low maintenance option for home landscapes.

Care and Maintenance.

These are low maintenance conifers. You can slow the growth of your Dwarf Himalayan Pine by pruning. Simply snap the new growth or candles in half- do not cut branches. New candles are tender and can be easily pinched off in the spring. This method does not reduce the plant size. However, it can make it appear bushier and fuller. The shape of this conifer is pyramidal.

You will find Dwarf Himalayan Pine in the South Conifer Bed at Demonstration Garden.

Conifers can be enjoyed year round and this variety stays blue-green all year long. Visit demonstration garden’s Conifer bed to observe this species and see it demonstrated. you might even see a Black Capped Chickadee safe behind its branches. This pine is not native to the U.S. As is found in its name, it is native to the Himalayas.

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