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Observing Birds in the Garden

30 Apr 2019 1:00 AM | Brenda Peshak

Observing Birds in the Garden

Bird watching is available year round. Following a few basic facts will be mutually beneficial for both you and the wildlife in your backyard.

Ways to attract birds.

Watching birds is a long time hobby. Birds will be naturally attracted to your garden but there are additional measures which you may take to attract birds to your backyard ecosystem:

  1. Offer them food. Types of plants which you have on your property provide food. Alternatively offer food by hanging feeders.
  2. Provide water. Birdbaths are an easy and delightful way to attract birds and fun to watch. Small ponds or trickling fountains attract particularly well because some birds which have limited eye sight will be attracted by the sound.
  3. Protection from the elements. Trees, shrubs, and plants will offer protection and safety from predators and extreme weather.
  4. Safe nesting and roosting sites. A variety of vegetation will naturally provide places for birds to nest. However, birds will make use of anywhere which is safe and attractive. A few examples of common manmade nesting places are birdhouses and wreaths. Even hanging baskets have been know to attract the occasionally pair of house finches. In the Spring, it is important to be observant before removing that winter wreath or last years hanging basket so as not to disturb eggs nestled safely within.

Observing Birds in the Garden

All you need to begin is a small tidbit of time to be observant of what your landscape already provides the birds in your area. Some birds prefer tall, dense trees, while others are attracted to shrubs and open areas. Trees and shrubs can provide berries which many birds like to eat. In contrast, others prefer the seeds which annuals and perennial flowers provide. Still others eat insects, worms, and spiders.

However, if you wish to attract a certain species of bird then you will need to do some research and record your observations. Many birdwatchers take to keeping nature journal overtime . This will aid you in making adjustments and decisions on what to offer for attracting specific types of birds to you garden.

Observing Birds at Demonstration Garden

At demonstration garden you will see a variety of birds. A birdbath bubbler fountain was installed during the spring of 2015. The water filled oasis is often frequented by the American Goldfinch which frequents the garden to take a sip. Their favorite time to visit  the garden is during the evening hours, just before dusk.

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