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Ornamental Onion-Persian Blue ™ Allium

31 May 2019 1:00 AM | Brenda Peshak

Allium | Demonstration Garden

Alliums are beautiful and impressive ornamental bulbs that belong to the onion family, Though the fragrance of the leaves and stems give away their relation to onion, garlic, leeks, scallions and chives, these beauties are grown as ornamentals. They are a perfect stand out and quite impressive at 3-5 feet in height.

Facts about the ORNAMENTAL ONION:

Scientific Name : Allium giganteum
Cultivar/ Trade Mark  Persian Blue
Bloom Time, Color: May, Purple
Type: Perennial
Height: 3-5′
Width/Spread:  1.5-2′
Ornamental Onion at Demonstration GardenAllium can be found in the bulb bed at Demonstration Garden.

Good things to know about Allium:

Allium are rabbit and deer resistant and can tolerate black walnut as well. Medium watering and full sun is recommended. They are hardy for zones 5-8. Allium make an excellent cut flower while in bloom or even after the have dried.They were originally native to Asia.

You will find Ornamental Onion in the Bulb Bed at Demonstration Garden.

Located behind the bench (pictured above) Allium can be found in the bulb bed at Demonstration Garden.  ‘Persian Blue’ is the cultivar located at Demo Garden. Other cultivars are ‘Globemaster’ and ‘White Giant’. Plant allium bulbs 5-6” deep and 9-12” apart in fall.

All About Alliums – How to plant and where to buy.

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